Club Review: Pinkroom Offers More of the Same

The entrance gives no hint of the location except with (surprise, surprise) a pink light. The French doorman stood there smoking a cigarette until somebody whispered in his ear to let a group pass. Ladies tossed their hair in hopes of getting noticed, and groups of guys huddled together to see how much money they could scrounge to get Le Bouncer's attention. I observed the dynamic long enough to see it's the same shit here as everywhere else on this strip.

Inside, Pinkroom sticks to theme quite literally: Pink flowers floating in the bar

top, photos of pink lips and eye shadow on the walls, and servers in

glittery, pink

bustiers. Despite the trendy color palate, there really wasn't anything unique

about it. Pink already has its own pop artist, song, and a slew of pop culture sayings, did it really need a club right smack in the middle of club zone? Apparently the venue was designed to be eco-friendly and socially conscious, but it was so packed we couldn't bare to stay more than twenty minutes to notice. The European clusterfuck was just not cutting it.

Walking out, some of the same people were waiting their turn to get Le Bouncer's approval. Pinkroom is "socially conscious" indeed.

739 Washington Ave, 33139

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