Churchill's New Owners Abandoning Plans for 21-and-Over Policy

Rejoice, kids.

Just days after the new owners of Churchill's Pub announced a 21-and-over policy, they've already abandoned those plans.

Yesterday, following the pub's weekly staff get-together, an announcement of the reversal was made on Churchill's official Facebook page.

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"After a meeting today with the new owners, the age policy has been reviewed. After may 19th, Churchills Pub will be 18 and over, show depending."

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The reaction to the grownups-only approach from Churchill's promoters, bands, and fans was largely negative. In the words of Idle Hands Productions' Nayra Serrano, "this is fucking stupid."

Though some members of the pub's staff declined to comment on the reasons for reversing plans, Churchill's fixture and International Noise Conference mastermind Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra tells Crossfade that there was "no argument."

The new owners, Rat suggests, simply saw the practical necessity for sometimes holding 18-and-up shows.

"The article [and public response]," he says, "was a big enough gun to make them reconsider their position on the subject."

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