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Churchill's Is One of Esquire's Top Bars in America

Every year, for the print edition, Esquire magazine rounds up a few of its favorite bars in the country. How do they define what makes a bar great?

"If it's a dive, it's Christ-this-place-is-a-dive dive. If it's an Irish pub, it's not an "Irish" pub. If it's a cocktail lounge, it's got some Tanqueray Ten and a bottle of good rye somewhere."

Nice. Of course, the actual magazine's short list leans heavily towards the northeast. But online, there's an interactive map and a full list of Esquire's top picks for the whole country, as well as a feature where users rate the bar from one to 100. Guess what -- our very own Churchill's not only made the staff picks cut, but it's also ranked number two in user ratings, with an average 78 out of 100.

(Of Florida's seven "best bars," besides Churchill's, four are in Miami: Jimbo's, Mac's Club Deuce, Zeke's, and, confusingly, Tap Tap?)

Churchill's, you're always number one in my book. Check out Esquire's Best Bars site here, and be sure to vote highly for the home team. -- Arielle Castillo

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