Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake, and Four Other Totally Awkward Award Show Moments

The BET Awards were held this past Sunday and some really confusing, awkward shit went down in the middle of granting the Viewer's Choice Award.

Some fans were invited onstage to announce this year's winner, which at first was Chris Brown. But only a few seconds after Brown received the award for his single "Look At Me Now," the dazed looking amateur presenter quickly changed her mind, naming Rihanna, Brown's ex-girlfriend and the victim of a pretty grim domestic violence incident committed by the R&B megastar. And as if that wasn't weird enough, a third recipient was announced, this time being Drake, who wasn't even nominated for the award.

One of the presenters -- as well as Drizzy, himself -- audibly commented on the situation's awkwardness, and Crossfade couldn't agree more. And since we relish in the exorbitantly wealthy squirming on live television, here are five totally awkward award show moments.

1988: Bob Dylan vs. Soy Bomb

A golden oldie of award show crashing, Michael Portnoy's hijacking of Bob Dylan's live performance of "Love Sick" perfectly captures a performance artist at work. While Portnoy - who was selected by The Grammy's to be a wallpaper back up dancer - wildly gesticulates with nonsequitor "Soy Bomb" scrawled across his chest, Dylan watches the artist with genuine bewilderment. If you strain your ears, you can hear the sound of a thousand Grammy execs shitting their collective pants.

1998: Ol Dirty Bastard vs. The Grammys

Clearly, the security at the 1998 Grammy's left something to be desired. But Crossfade is grateful that no one was able to stop Big Baby Jesus from speaking his mind after losing the award for Best Ensemble Rap performance to Puff Daddy. Actually, let's rephrase that: his mind is speaking him. Are you watching this clip? Russell Jones spits pure poetry, even when he's ruining other people's acceptance speeches. As an aside, other mishaps at the 1998 Grammy's included Paula Cole flipping off the audience and Usher namedropping "Bill Dylan."

2000: Tim Commerford vs. Limp Bizkit 

The above clip takes place in that frightful zone of pain where Limp Bizkit - and to an even more horrifying degree, nu-metal at large - were riding high. Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford obviously objected to Fred Durst and Co.'s success, and protested their victory by lodging himself in the onstage set design, much to the chagrin of super serious band mate and Rage vocalist, Zack De La Rocha.

2009: Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift (and the world)

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Can you believe it's been two years since Kanye West's infamous "I'm gonna let you finish, but..." at the 2009 Video Music Awards? We've all seen the clip a thousand times, so let's instead reflect on the still image posted above. So much expressive body language, from West's completely unrepentant posture, to Swift clutching her moon man for dear life.

2011: BET Guest Presenters vs. The Teleprompter

Sunday night's debacle - which you can watch on TMZ - is represented well by the furrowed and skeptical brows depicted above. Girl in the middle is definitely WTFing, and the woman on the right is MMMHMMMing so loud I can hear her even though I'm looking at a picture. What the hell happened BET?

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