Chayanne: A Seven-Part Video History, From Leather Fetish to Sleeping in Public

Sure, you know the guy with the devilishly good looks at right. And well you should. Chayanne's a living legend in Latin pop, a heartthrob who's wooed masses of female (and probably some male) fans. We could easily attempt to fill this post with facts and figures, listing a near-endless reel of awards and accolades, or attempting to recount his storied history. Or we could show you.

Since we acknowledge that the video form is generally more appealing to the average media consumer these days (and because it's easier than writing a lot), here's a condensed history of Chayanne ... In video.

Part One: No, this isn't The Beastmaster. It's where it all started for Chayanne. "Chayanne es Mi Nombre," off his 1984 debut Es Mi Nombre.

Part Two:You can't have Chayanne's history in video without this one. "Tu Pirata Soy Yo" is a classic off his 1988 self-titled album. (The second self-titled, not the first.)

Part Three: Here's a very young Chayanne, circa 1990. The song, "Completamente Enamorados," was a single off Tiempo de Vals, which also features a shirtless Chayanne in a vest and bandana. Which seems questionable, even for 1990.

Part Four: Here he is in "You Are My Home (Refugio de Amor)," a track for his 1998 big-screen debut alongside Vanessa Williams in Dance with Me.

Part Five: Here's a more mature Chayanne in "Contra Vientos y Marea" from his 2005 release Desde Siempre.

Part Six: I am Bond. Jaime Bond. Or at least that's what we imagine Chayanne's line would be in this video, where he's more leading man than performer. The track is "No Te Preocupes Por Mi." The album, Cautivo (2005).

Part Seven: And this here is Chayanne today, as you'll see him when he performs live at Hard Rock Live tonight. The new single's called "Si No Estas," and it's straight off his most recent record No Hay Imposibles.

Chayanne. Friday, November 19. Hard Rock Live, One Seminole Way, Hollywood. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $67.50 to $127.50, plus fees, via

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Paul Torres