Cayos's Shell Beach Release Party at The End/Spring Break

​Danny Laburu and Nick Reyes haven't been in the same room in over three years. But they've making melodic soundscapes together the whole time as Cayos.

Their project was born when Reyes, an Army guy, was stationed in Iraq. After making field recordings, he knew the sounds would work with music. He thought to himself, "Man, who else better to do it than Danny."

The stars finally aligned this week and Reyes, who's now stationed in Kansas, and Laburu, who works for Scope Art Fair in New York, both happen to be in their hometown of Miami at the exact same time.

You can guess what's happening next .... Their first live performance together, ever, taking place tomorrow as part of the end/SPRING BREAK's ongoing Ear Conditioning series.

The material from Iraq appeared on Cayos's debut album, Souq. And this week, they're promoting their new release Shell Beach out on Schematic Records. It offers ethereal melodies and field recordings from Colombia. Completing the sounds of buses and Colombian life, Laburu added guitar.

"We use a lot of guitar in the recordings, and we wanted to bring that out in the live set," Laburu says. Reyes notes that the performance will include indie rock jamming. "We took some of the files from Shell Beach, some of the edits, and spread it throughout the set."

You might remember Laburu as Danny L., playing in bands like Gemma, M.B. Evans, and Sketchy. His newest project with his cousin Alberto Laburu, Grenadier, involves improvisational based songs to which he later adds additional tracks. Meanwhile, Reyes has a black metal band Inferion and a thrash band Ruin, which Miami metalheads should know.

For tomorrow's performance, Laburu and Reyes will be joined by Marcos Cherlo on drums and Pablo Vivas on bass, both of whom contributed to Shell Beach. They'll have only one practice session before the show. But Cayos will certainly bring enough talent and experience that it'll seem as though they live right next door to one another.

Cayos's Shell Beach release party with a live performance and visuals by Dylan Romer. Wednesday, August 3. the end/SPRING BREAK, 155 NE 38th St., Miami. Visit end-springbreak.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.