Cat Power's Best Life Advice for Kids: "It Just Gets Worse and Worse"

Chan Marshall, AKA Cat Power, has been rather unstable lately.

When she came through town on her most recent tour, Cat had a full-on meltdown and it just made us feel really awkward watching her. Then she did that all over the country, releasing letters to us about how mean we are to judge her and her artistry, and then she postponed her tour.

But at least Cat's got a damn good sense of humor. So she did a Funny or Die video all about her performance freakouts.

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In this clip, entitled "Kids Songs," she goes in for a special music-time appearance at a second grade class, and totally poops on the kids' day with a bunch of sad life stuff.

Check out the video and a succinct list of her very best advice for children.

Cat Power's Best Life Advice for Kids

1. "Don't ever sing. Always respect the performer."

2. "You can't rush art."

3. "No one gives a shit about 'Q.'"

4. "Life is hard. It gets worse and worse and worse - and worse."

Glad to hear Marshall's regaining her sunny disposition on life! Keep on rockin', girlfriend!

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