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Cash Money Records' Birdman and Slim Giving Away 1,000 Turkeys in Little Haiti

Crows squack. Doves coo. Turkeys gobble. Birdman goes brrrrrr.

We're talking about that big boss dawg Baby Birdman of the Cash Money crew, and he's ready to act fowl all over the streets of Miami. No, he's not bringing any static, but he is bringing 1,000 turkeys to needy families, so even the poorest among us can enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

It's Baby, his brother Slim Williams, and Cash Money's third-annual Turkey Giveaway at Little Haiti Soccer Park, going down Friday, November 21, and it's the best way they know to give back to the community that helped them get through their own tough times.

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You see, Miami is Cash Money's adoptive home. When Hurricane Katrina struck their headquarters in New Orleans, they had to get up and go somewhere. The 305 embraced the NOLA gang, and in gratitude, they give us turkeys.

This is something Birdman's also been doing in his hometown for nearly two decades, even before he was famous.

"Me and my friends would go in the store and run out with all the turkeys," the Birdman told XXL in a recent interview.

"I said when I get some money, I'ma feed my projects. Feed where I come from. When I did get some money, I was 18 years old, 17 years old, making 18 when I signed with Universal for $30 million. When I did get some money, I just go and get as many as we can. Then we just made it out of an event."

To date, Cash Money has given away more than 50,000 turkeys through the charitable effort. The event, which also includes a date in New York, is organized by Birdman and Slim and sponsored by the Johnny and Gladys Williams Foundation, which the brothers founded in honor of their parents.

This year's festivities at the Little Haiti Soccer Park are also sponsored by the Little Haiti Optimist Club and City of Miami NET and will feature free health screenings from Euphoric Healing - Chiropractic Massages, Iceberg Guards Dental Care, and more.

Oh, Slim and Baby will be in attendance. You never know who else may pop up. After all, this is Miami.

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Cash Money's 3rd Annual Turkey Give-A-Way. Featuring appearances by Bryan "Birdman" Williams, Ronald "Slim" Williams, and others. Sponsored by The Johnny and Gladys Williams Foundation, Little Haiti Optimist Club, and City of Miami NET. Friday, November 21. Little Haiti Soccer Park, 6301 NE Second Ave., Miami. There will be a free health screen from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the turkey giveaway from 2:30 p.m. to 6.

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