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CANCELED Get Martin Buttrich's New Mix, Then Party With Him at the Electric Pickle This Thursday

UPDATE: Crossfade just received notice from the LINK crew that "We have to cancel our Thursday night show with Martin Buttrich, he won't be able to fly in due to a broken ankle, we promise to bring him back as soon as possible."

German DJ-producer Martin Buttrich is known for his elusive and unassuming air. But take a close look at his resume and you'll see that he's a prolific musical chameleon.

As a silent producer, he's put his golden touch on the syrupy girl-pop of Sugababes, the '90s Italo disco of Sounds of Life, and big-room progressive house collaborations with acclaimed producer Timo Maas. He even picked up a Grammy nomination in 2003 for his remix of Tori Amos's "Don't Make Me Come To Vegas."

Which is not to say he doesn't keep his feet firmly planted in the EDM underground. Buttrich has distinguished himself with solo forays into house, techno, and the rugged territories in between. On top of releases for Coccon, Planet E, Poker Flat, and his own Desolat imprint, he's made his mark with the 2010 release of critically acclaimed debut artist album, Crash Test.

And if Mr. Buttrich tends to work from behind the scenes as producer, he certainly has no qualms about stepping up to the decks and throwing down a floor-smashing, world-class DJ set. See for yourself, when he alights at the Electric Pickle this Thursday night alongside the LINK crew.

Download: Martin Buttrich's DJ Mix

Martin Buttrich. With LINK residents. 10 p.m., Thursday, December 16. Electric Pickle, 2826 N.

Miami Ave., Miami. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-456-5613 or visit   


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