Caligula Collides With Hot Pink Delorean For "Club Crashers" Remix

Lately, it seems the Overthrow is aiming its ambitions farther than being just a local party collective. Where is the fun in overthrowing a single city when you have a whole world in a need of an ass-kicking?

The MIA-based crew is looking to go international with the help of its Overthrow Music Authority arm. Already signed are collective regulars like Tamara Sky, Troy Kurtz, and Pirate Stereo. But it's Boston act Hot Pink Delorean and local dubstep duo Caligula that are leading the pack it terms of musical output.

Hot Pink Delorean released its Club Crashers EP this month, complete with the name-droppin' track, "Overthrow the Radio." (Slick move there, guys.) However, it's the title track that leads the EP as a purely instrumental club banger. This isn't 2006, so we aren't sure if bangers are still in, but the trio doesn't seem to take itself too seriously as evident in the corresponding music video. (More on the video in a future post.) The EP is available now for download via Beatport or iTunes.

But leave it to Caligula, made up of Obi Tawil and Mike Larson, to give the track a dubstep makeover. Unlike the majority of artists in this "new" (not really) genre, Tawil and Larson aren't all about jarring distortion and wobbly bass. The duo also make effective use of blips and tempo to reach a satisfying climax.

But don't take our word for it. Stream the track below or download it for free from theoverthrow.com.

Download: Hot Pink Delorean "Club Crashers" (Caligula Remix) via theoverthrow.com

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.