Buy Justin Bieber's Driver License, Debit Cards, and Gold Gatorskin Change Purse for $500

Ooohhh, Beliebers!

We've spent oh-so-many long days, sweaty nights, and tween years just desperately dreaming about owning "the ultimate amazing one-of-a-kind unique Justin Bieber collectable!"

Not his bowling ball from the "Baby" video. Not his favorite pimped-out sizzurp cup. And no, not even a lightly used deodorant stick.

The Bieber memorabilia of our dreams: "Justin's actual personal Georgia Driver's License, along with two of his personal Debit Credit Cards, both imprinted with his name."

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As scammy and strange as it all sounds ...

This crap is actually being sold to the highest bidder by Premiere Props, "the world's largest entertainment memorabilia store," who came into possession of the driver license and debit cards after the Biebz' fumbled his gold faux gatorskin change purse while being bumrushed by a mob of Beliebers.

Here's the story, according to the collectibles peddlers:

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These were found enclosed in Justin's personal "Pink+Dolphin" wallet-pouch, at the Staples Center in the VIP room after one of Justin's concerts in 2012.

A friend of one of the security detail, named Jesse, was visiting, when he saw Justin appear in the room and immediately being rushed by some of his fans, jump up on a table causing his wallet to pop out of his jacket. He then jumped down and fled the room.

When the crowd cleared, Jesse went over to the table, and found the wallet on the floor. Inside it contained Justin's Georgia Driver's License (Georgia became his headquarters when Raymond Braun Media Group signed him originally), along with two of his personal Debit Credit Cards, a Platinum Debit Card from Well Fargo, and a Delta Skymiles Debit Master Card from Suntrust Bank. Both with Justin Bieber's name on them.

Many attempts were made by Jesse to try to get these back to Justin, who had left the Center before the wallet was retrieved, to no avail. Two months later Jesse was walking in Hollywood and saw Justin's famous silver Fisher Karma sports car parked outside a club. Once again he approached Justin's security people about the wallet, but they said, basically, just keep it!

Valued at $500 to $700, these items are being auctioned off via icollector.com. Bids begin at $50. And the purchaser will also receive a Letter of Provenance "from the original 'finder.'"

Oh, and all you five-foot, seven-inch and 122-pound Justin Bieber wannabes: "Please note that both credit cards have been deactivated. These pieces are for display only and can not be used in any way as identification."

There is only one Biebz. And even if you've got his license, cards, and weird gold gatorskin change purse ... We can tell an impostor by the abs.

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