Bruce Springsteen Supports Obama for President

You might think it's commonplace at this point in the election for Obama to continuously rack up support from musicians. It is. But the latest endorsement holds some significant weight. The boss of all music bosses, Bruce Springsteen, is throwing his political muscle behind Obama. That might not mean a lot, but teamsters, laborers, and blue collar workers across the country tend to respect Springsteen's opinion. With all this Obama love going on, it makes you wonder if he does gets elected, what his inaugural theme song will be.

At any rate, this is just another reminder to local musicians that if you're crafting a song in regard to the election please send it our way. We'd love to put it online regardless of who you're supporting. There tends to be a lot of support for a particular candidate from major musicians, but what about independent artists here in South Florida? Where are you?

Record a track, send it to us as an Mp3, and we'll put it online. Real talk.

-Jonathan Cunningham

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