Miramar native Movi3 is determined to hit the ground running with his debut project, X Days Later.
Miramar native Movi3 is determined to hit the ground running with his debut project, X Days Later.
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Rapper Movi3 Aims to Take Over the Summer With His Debut Mixtape, X Days Later

Shawn “Movi3” Charles isn’t your average rapper. His clever beat selection and ear for rare samples make him stand out in the oversaturated trap scene. Unlike mumble rappers who the kids can’t get enough of, Movi3 has lyrics that are coherent and vibrant enough to keep the pregame lit. After spending the past four years cooking up dope tracks in the studio with his cousin, Jason DeRulo, Movi3 will issue his debut mixtape, X Days Later.

A few weeks ago, the Miramar native partnered with The Neala Group held an exclusive listening session at the Sugar Factory in South Beach. Members of the media, club DJs, mixers from radio stations all across South Florida, and Movi3’s team came together for a three-course meal, fish-bowl-size drinks, and a full breakdown of all ten records on the project.

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“Man, working with [DeRulo] showed me what the structure of music really is," Movi3 says. "It’s easy to freestyle and throw some words around, but to... make it come out how you want is a whole other ball game. He showed me exactly how to write and record myself, how I want everything to be done."

Movi3’s initial career path had nothing to do with music. He was a star football player in high school. After he suffered a career-killing injury, Movi3 shifted his focus to his second passion, music. His cousin Jason helped him find his calling as an artist and guided him through the motions. In the last four years, Movi3 went from sitting in on DeRulo’s recording sessions to isolating himself in the studio to create his own sound.

“X Days Later
is years of engineering myself and doing sessions on my own,” Movi3 said at the event.

In his debut mixtape, he delivers raw verses. They include booming beats and hooks laced with a slight Auto-Tune. The lead single, “Need a Bag,” is an aggressive introduction to the ultimate motive for his hustle: the money bags. X Days Later features unique music such as his nostalgic opener, “All That,” which samples the theme song of Nickelodeon’s beloved sketch comedy show of the same name. The album also has songs that will fit into any pregame playlist, including “Chef,” “I Remember,” and his intense club banger “It’s Lit.”

As he bounces between South Florida and the West Coast, Movi3 often finds himself taking the stage — from nightclubs in Las Vegas to strip clubs like Playhouse in Hallandale Beach. He also hits the VIP section of LIV and spends time in the studio putting in work on his next feature film.

Download Movi3's X Days Later mixtape at livemixtapes.com.

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