Breaking: Club MI-VI Closed Down, Allegedly by Gulfstream Management


Gerry Kelly's vaunted megaclub at Gulfstream Park, has closed its doors indefinitely.

The news began trickling

in last week, when the club's much-publicized South Florida Facebook Bash was

moved to the neighboring Ten Palms.

Apparently, the closure came as a surprise to the organizers of the event, too. Notified that they would have to change venues immediately, one Facebook Bash promoter confronted MI-VI higher-ups. They would only say that Gulfstream management shut down the venue due to a legal dispute, providing no further details. The promoters were given less than two days' notice to move to a new club, a change the promoter claims cost them thousands of dollars in lost profits.

Multiple calls and emails to Gulfstream Park Management and MI-VI went unanswered. A banner on Gulfstream's web site  confirmed the closure but offered no details. MI-VI recently won New Times Broward/Palm Beach's "Best New Club".

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Liana Lozada