Most artists these days are obsessed with sex of the romantic, psychological, and gynecological kind. But few are as playfully raunchy as Blowfly. The nom de plume for funk musician Clarence Reid, Blowfly charmingly reduces the act of making love to its nasty, all-too-human essence: pussies and dicks (or in some cases dicks and dicks, pussies and pussies).

Blowfly, who has been sporadically issuing albums since the early Seventies, is known in cult circles for his outrageously ribald parodies of popular songs, which can grow tiresome and predictable after a while. The best thing about his new album, Fahrenheit 69, is that there are only two of those -- "Your Precious Cunt," modeled after Jerry Butler's doo-wop classic "For Your Precious Love"; and a remake of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" as "I Believe My Dick Can Fly": "Thinking about it makes my dick appear/Fucking the little sisters of Britney Spears" -- which makes them much more funny and effective.

Most of Fahrenheit 69 is dedicated to grimy funk tracks, the kind of music worked out over several hours at a local pub or a steak house, albeit with naughty premises such as "Diggin' Boogers," which Blowfly posits as a healthy alternative for children in danger of doing drugs. Can't argue with that. Guests include Afroman (of "Because I Got High" infamy) and, improbably, Slug from Atmosphere, as well as Bay Area electro-booty freaks Gravy Train. Backing him up on the drums is long-time New Times contributor Tom Bowker, guitarist Chris Chavez, keyboardist Mr. Lock, bassist Dennis Murcia, and numerous additional musicians eager to join in on the fun.

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