Bleubird, Astronautilus and DJ Immortal at Central Pub in Margate

Bleubird is a rapper who has taken an unusual path to success. His style is a combination of the heady white-boy rhymes of Aesop Rock and the rapid-fire spoken-word style of Saul Williams. Hell, call him Allen Ginsberg with shelltoes on if you want to, because he can fit that role as well. He's been rapping on the South Florida scene for a while and isn't afraid to speak his mind, especially if it helps him stand out from all the other bling-bling rappers going left as he goes right. The beats to some of his material are a bit mundane, but the lyrics are strong enough, and he delivers them clearly, so you don't miss a word. Besides his b-boy swagger, there's a touch of guitar and folk music that's a nice change. His newest album, RIP U$A, (Birdfleu) takes a few swipes at the Bush regime and commercialism, but what stands out about the LP is that each song feels like its own minimovie. You feel the emotion in Bleubird's songs, and everything flows well, even though no two songs sound the same.

February, 22 2008 at @ CENTRAL PUB w/ bleubird, astronautalis & dj immortal

2160 mears pkwy, MARGATE, Florida 33063

Cost : 10-15

An ill Astronautilus video.

-- Jonathan Cunningham

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