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Birdman Lands in Jail but Still Flies the Coop


It was just a few weeks ago that we covered the story on Cash Money CEO and artist Birdman’s migration to Miami, and just last week we told you about his highly appreciated pre-Thanksgiving turkey giveaway. But as of last night Bryan “Birdman” Williams became a fowl of a different feather--a jailbird. According to initial reports by MTV, the RV that Williams, his wife, brother and co-CEO Slim, and 13 other Cash Money employees were riding in was pulled over after “an improper lane change.” While questioning the driver of the vehicle, the officer smelled “burnt and raw” ganja - probably some fiyah if he could smell it from outside - and ordered the vehicle evacuated. Once officers searched the RV they found a pound of weed and a couple of guns, and Birdman and his crew were escorted to Tennessee’s Sullivan County Jail. He and his crew have since been released on various bond amounts reported to be around $1,500 a piece.

Just a couple of hours ago, Birdman, who also goes by the name Baby, spoke with Shaheem Reid of MTV and gave his side of the story. He maintains that he is not married, didn't have illegal guns (according to Birdman, they were licensed to carry weapons and those weapons were eventually returned by the police) and much of this has been blown out of proportion. It's not known what will come of this situation, but as soon as we get more info, you will too.

- Raina McLeod

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