Bill Aucoin Statement, Tribute Video From Dreaming in Stereo


reported earlier this morning

on the passing of industry legend Bill Aucoin, best known as the mastermind for Kiss' massive success in the '70s. What the national obituaries fail to mention, though, is that in recent years, Aucoin had re-started an artist management business based in South Florida. 

Among his local-artist successes were the Fort Lauderdale-based act Nothing Rhymes With Orange who, under Aucoin's watch, successfully toured England several times in recent years. One of his latest pet projects, though, was Miami-based Dreaming in Stereo

Band leader Fernando Perdomo first met Aucoin some 10 years ago on the local scene, but it was last year that the creative sparks really flew. Perdomo worked with Aucoin's partner, a radio promoter, on a successful college radio campaign. 

"Based on the success of that, [Aucoin] told me he wanted to manage dreaming in stereo," Perdomo recalls. "He managed us pretty much all through the winter and the spring, and then he got sick. But even then, he still got us meetings and all sorts of stuff."

He says that the band still has yet to implement all of Aucoin's wise suggestions. "We were very lucky to have a legend like him guiding for a while," Perdomo says. 

Here's his official statement on behalf of the band:

Bill Aucoin was our manager at the time of his passing, and he will continue to be our manager for a long time.... It will take a while for us to apply ALL of his suggestions.  He was vibrant and full of life. And he had an amazing laugh. We are gonna miss you "Gui."

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