Bardot Hollywood Ain't Feeling Bardot Miami, Taking Legal Action (UPDATE)

Bardot isn't even a month old and it already finds itself in some legal trouble. It seems our assumption that Bardot Hollywood and its Miami counterpart were related was wrong. We received an email from the Hollywood establishment's publicist Stephanie Fessler saying, "While imitation is the highest form of flattery, I'd just like to clarify that this is in no way a sister venue or franchise. Our legal team has been set into motion."

Oddly silent on the matter is former model/actress Brigitte Bardot whose name and likeness is being used by both venues.

We'll see what comes of the legal action, but cases like these usually go nowhere for a myriad of reasons. Stay tuned.

Update: Bardot Hollywood wants to make sure we understand that they don't use Brigitte Bardot's name or likeness. If you could only see how far back our eyes rolled. Funny how they don't mind mentioning her by name in an email when talking about their establishment. "Inspired by the Joie de vivre of icon Brigitte Bardot," were the exact words used by Fessler in her earlier email.

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