Badklaat Brings the Real Bass to The Vagabond on January 10

Are you mad bro?

It's understandable. Have you seen the state of dubstep lately? It's all big drops and wobble sirens and buff dudes in silly tank tops. But it's OK 'cause The Vagabond and its Get Low crew are going to make all the bad feelings go away.

They'll be kicking off 2013 with lots of massive bass and low-end badassery, bringing the UK's Badklaat to the main stage on Thursday, January 10. Bring your Depends because there will be some serious brown-noting going on.

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Badklaat isn't your average brostepper. He's a low-down fundamentalist with a penchant for crazy wobbles and chill yet superdark vibes. He brings the funk and dub to the plate like the year is 2008 and dubstep is still worth getting all excited over.

He'll be joined by local hard-hitters like Juan Basshead, Hoova and Dabz, and MC Jumanji on the "lower level." Make sure you come out early and take advantage of the $1 Colt 45 tallboys before midnight, because serious bass music requires you get drunk on some cheap-cheap.

Badklaat. As part of Get Low. Presented by (((Shake))). Thursday, January 10. The Vagabond, 30 NE 14th St., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m. and tickets cost $10 plus fees via Call 305-379-0508 or visit

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