Bachaco Plays Jazid This Saturday With Skampida

If you haven't caught Bachaco live, you're missing out. Sure, you might be following them on Twitter, or friends with them on Facebook. Or maybe you sit at work jamming to tracks off their Myspace page. But the fact is, very simply, if you aren't catching them live, you are missing out. Because that reggae vibe that makes their music so infectious is most definitely present and accounted for. As is the dub vibe, the dancehall, Colombian cumbia, and hip hop. But there's a whole other element, that certain, as the French say, I don't know what. They have an energy that's irrepressible, their performances spinning into full on jams. If you're an attractive young lady in the audience, you might end up onstage. But wherever you are, you'll be shaking your ass.

The Miami-based band just came back from a northeast tour that took them to New York's LAMC, DC and Philly, and they've got a new disc in the works. They'll also be joined onstage this Saturday at Jazid by Skampida. So if you haven't gotten to catch them live, you won't have to wait long to remedy that malady. And if you don't want to pay cover, you don't have to. Get there before midnight and give the doorman the password "Valeria." 

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