Audio Lobo, Laying Down the Jazzy Lounge Jams at Jazid Tomorrow Night

What would you call someone who recreates Sublime's "Summertime" in lush, horn-laden jazz? What about someone who gives Outkasts epic hip hop-psychedelic slow jam "Spottieottiedopalicious" and gives it a facelift with an instrumental lounge vibe? Or someone who's played with Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" like a kid building sculptures from his mashed potatoes? You might call him crazy. Or you might just call him Audio Lobo (though his mom probably still calls him Brian Wolfe).

Audio Lobo is Mr. Wolfe's instrumental funk/jazz project and a clear effort at reconceptualizing lounge vibe, using the aforementioned funk and jazz, but texturing it electronically. The end result is funky indeed, and if Wolfe's own Myspace description of what he does--funk, alternative, regional Mexican--seems a little off, one could counter that it's as close a description a anything else you're likely to come up with. I happen to like Latin nu-jazz lounge jam, but then again, what do I know? I also liked Hanging With Mr. Cooper.

If you want to check him out live, you can catch him at Jazid's Jazz at Jazid, tomorrow Tuesday, July 20.

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