Atari Teenage Riot at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale September 13

You know the current crop of noisy electronic acts like Crystal Castles and Sleigh Bells? Well, they owe a lot to a certain Berlin hardcore outfit spearheaded by Alec Empire, Hanin Elias, Carl Crack, and Nic Endo. They were better known as Atari Teenage Riot and throughout the '90s they unleashed a visceral sonic attack against anything that stood in their way.

Unfortunately, the 21st century wasn't so kind. Crack died from an overdose while Elias and Empire seemed to grow apart. But Atari Teenage Riot is back. Sort of.

The only remaining members are Empire and Endo, along with new member MC CX KiDTRONiK. Together, the band has reemerged from the Berlin underground, signed to Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label, and they're releasing their first studio album since 1999's 60 Second Wipe Out.

We're unsure if Is This Hyperreal? packs the punch of its predecessors, but singles "Activate!" and "Blood in My Eyes" sound promising. And while they are hardly teenagers anymore (in fact Empire is 38 and Endo 35), we still expect an adolescent hormonal explosion when Atari Teenage Riot bursts into Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room on September 13.

No word yet on opening acts or price. But tickets go on sale May 12.

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