ArtOfficial and Brooklyn's Tanya Morgan Tear It Up at Transit Lounge Tomorrow

Hip-hop heads and lovers of live music alike, hold on to your f'n hats. Tomorrow's Saturday night festivities at Transit Lounge are going to be bananas. But don't take our word for it. Let ArtOfficial tell you.

"This event in particular is gonna be bananas!" says bassist Rafy Valencia. "We're flying down Tanya Morgan from Brooklyn to tear shit up with us!"

He's not kidding. MIA meets the BK tomorrow when one of the 305's best and brightest hip-hop acts shares the stage, and their local stomping grounds, with one of Brooklyn's finest groups. Comprised of Ilyas, Donwill, and Von Pea, Tanya Morgan have a stack of material under their belt dating back to 2005. But it's the first time SoFla residents will get to sample their hip-hop wares.

"The people in Miami haven't gotten to see us yet," says Von Pea. "But on October 23, they'll see the energy, the fun, and the chemistry that we have on stage, as well as the chemistry we will have with them."

The pairing seems like a match made in hip-hop heaven. And it's one that's been brewing up for a while now. The two groups met at the Hipnotik Hip-Hop Festival in Barcelona over the summer, and then both turned up in Hotlanta for the A3C Festival a few weeks later.

"We got to hang out backstage, talked some shit and found out we dug each others music," recalls Valencia. "We all stuck around to watch their live set and left really impressed."

"All of us really vibed to their music," he goes on to say. "So we decided it'd be really dope if we can fly them down to MIA to rock a show together."

And the rest is history, with local party-goers being the big winners. Featuring not only the local favorites and the Brooklyn-based guests, Meka from will be DJing Tanya Morgan's, as well as "spinning hot fire all night long," Valencia promises.

"There's no legitimate explanation to what the vibe is going to be like for this event," he says. "You're gonna have to come see for yourself! It's definitely going to be a show that true-blue hip-hop heads shouldn't miss out on!" 

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Christopher Lopez