Winter Music Conference

Apollonia Label Launch Party at Treehouse March 20

When you're talking about French electronic dance music, the first name that comes to mind is David Guetta, right? Umm, that's only if your EDM is spoon-fed to you by Top 40 radio, you square.

The underground-house and techno cognoscenti of the world have been moving to beats of a very different breed of Gallic DJ-producer — i.e., Shonky, Dyed Soundorom, and Dan Ghenacia, a trio of longtime collaborators who just recently announced the launch of a new label named Apollonia.

"Dyed Soundorom and I had wanted to start a label together for some time," Shonky says. "And with the closure of Dan Ghenacia's Freak n' Chic, it was the perfect time for all three of us to start something together. And so Apollonia was born.

"The mission of the label is really to provide a platform for us to release our own music. But we're also really open to releasing other producers that the three of us like. The debut EP from myself, The Minneapolis Touch, has just been released, with the second EP by myself and Dan dropping around April, then material from Dyed following later in the year."

And what better opportunity for a label launch party than WMC? After all, Conference week in Miami boasts the densest concentration of international EDM fans anywhere all year. It's bound to be a rager.

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Sean Levisman