Anne Hathaway Raps Like An Un-Funky Grandma On Conan

Last night, 21st-century leading lady Anne Hathaway was on Conan to promote the third Chris Nolan-directed Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, in which she plays quintessential femme fatale, Catwoman.

We're big fans of Batman, Tim Burton's Batman Returns and Michelle Pfeiffer's incredible psychosexual interpretation of the role. (Sorry, Halle!) So when we heard the Devil Wears Prada star would be playing our favorite villainous vixen, we just had to tune in to TBS to see what we could learn about the movie.

Well, all we ended up learning was that Anne Hathaway has somehow never heard a Lil Wayne song in her life. And she also raps like the most un-funky grandma on the block.

Did you watch that shit? Did someone write that for her? Or did she really put it together to make a statement about the papparazzi? Regardless of which is true, how could her management possibly think this was a good idea? How uncomfortable do you think Conan is? Is this an example of "The Emperor has no clothes!" Only, like, "The hot girl can't actually rap?" Are people afraid to tell Anne Hathaway she has no flow because she is smokin'?

So many questions. But does anyone really want to know the answers? Fuck it, take it away grandma!

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