Amtrac and Brass Knuckles at Grand Central in Miami, March 8

Who's Got The Funk?

With Amtrac and Brass Knuckles

Grand Central, Miami

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Better Than: An awkward '70s-themed party with fake afros and


Miami's own Amtrac and

Brass Knuckles brought the house down last night at Grand Central with support

from some of their funkiest friends around, and even though there was room on

the dance floor for more, everyone who came out brought their best moves with


Little Rok got the party started early on, followed by Los and then Troy Kurtz, who by 1 a.m. had worked the crowd into a decent funk frenzy. The night wasn't about bass and

bangers, but rather keeping the groovy electro flowing, and things continued to

heat up as headliners Brass Knuckles took to the stage.

The enigmatic trio plays sets with a little bit for everyone, dropping electro and nu disco remixes of everything from Childish Gambino, to the Temptations, to Human League, to Gotye. Two of them worked the decks while the third totally won over the crowd, going hard over the nostalgic remixes with some live and sexy sax melodies.

They introduced a brand-new song called "Bad Habits" as some kind of futuristic biker bitch in LED-lined leather got on stage and started voguing to the almost Faint-like synth lines. She shot green lasers into the crowd from her fist and turned around to reveal a glowing Brass Knuckles emblem on the back of her jacket.

But if the point of the show was to find who had the serious funk, we've kind of got to hand the crown to Amtrac. The one-man DJ and producer followed the trio's set of well known remixes and crowd favorites with the complete opposite - fresh ass funky electro tracks, the majority of which we'd never even heard before.

In a scene where songs get used up and played out in a couple of months, it was refreshing to hear a set full of fresh jams that kept bodies moving even without the familiarity of the hits. Amtrac, who usually combines mixing with live production, played a straight DJ set sans laptop, taking full advantage of the effects to bring his tracks up to funk level 11.

But of course, it was getting late and the funk was winding down. Lazerdisk Party Sex and Nick Daniels kept the vibe going for the party kids who stayed around as one by one the people went home, where they hopefully had some more funk waiting for them. Because anyone who's got the funk knows the best part is smoking it and then going to sleep.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: Seriously upset Lazerdisk Party Sex didn't wear their stormtrooper helmets.

The Crowd: 20-somethings who don't mind going ham all night on a less than crowded dance floor.

Best Dance Move: At one point, Amtrac brought so much funk that this one bitch got on top of the table and did a flash dance. It was almost illegally sexy.

Brass Knuckles' Setlist Highlights:


-"Don't You Want Me"

-"Lie To You"

-"I Can't Help Myself (Sugarpie Honeybunch)"

-"Somebody That I Used To Know"

-"Drop The Pressure"


-"Bad Habits"

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