Amanda Green's Freeform Freakout on Squelch TV, January 6

Though the source (Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra, prolific producer, musician, and, yes, sole proprietor of Squelch TV) is arguably biased, the assertion is, nevertheless, pretty convincing.

Over the weekend, Falestra hosted the latest edition of the series, which has featured Miami-based rock 'n roll (Snakehole, Holly Hunt) and avant-weirdo shit (Kenny Millions, Xela Zaid) alike, streaming live from his apartment-slash-studio in South Beach.

The featured performer was highly idiosyncratic South Florida music scene veteran Amanda Green. The proceedings were a real-time mash-up of public access grit, Green's genre-spanning technical versatility, and that extra-special Squelch TV charm.

Rat had been dipping his toes into the special effects pool for previous Squelch TV sessions. But Friday night, he introduced a mega-jumbo green screen that transported his marquee performer to a endlessly shifting succession of locales, settings, and bizarre backdrops.

Green moved through phases that seemed like entirely separate acts unto themselves. With a frenetic, Zappa-like abandon (sans the rock 'n' roll framework), her set moved from classical symposium to touchscreen abuse (digital noisemakers on both iPad and iPod) and a suite of completely bewildering, barely-there karaoke-slash-cover renditions of old South Florida rock groups and deep funk cuts.

For more info on Squelch TV's past and present, visit Squelchers.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.