Afrobeta Release "Play House" Teaser, Counting On You to Send Them Virgin FreeFest

Got to give it to Afrobeta. After performing at this year's Ultra Music Festival -- and nabbing a Best of Miami award for "Best Band" along the way -- the PR machine has been working nonstop to keep the forward momentum. The duo just got back from playing several European dates (a first), and are now really to unleash to the world what they've been working on so hard ever since they came together in 2006.

Lead singer Cuci Amador sent us an update saying they are finishing up their debut album at their home studio as we speak. But you can already get a taste of on the Do You Party? EP, which is now available on iTunes.

Also in the works is a second Afrobeta music video! You might remember their first attempt, "Nighttime," a few years back. Well, this one, for the track "Play House" (think Miami Sound Machine with a modern twist) looks like it has higher production values. A teaser video is available for viewing on the official site, afrobeta.com. But check out the screen capture below. We are still trying to figure out if the guy on the right is Jose Flores (the man formerly known as Jose El Rey).

Finally, Afrobeta needs your help. They want to play the Virgin Mobile FreeFest, but the only way they can get there is if you vote them in. So stop by the FreeFest site and vote. All you have to do is enter your email, click on the confirmation link, and your done.

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