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A Comprehensive 14-Video Recap of Roofless Records and the End's Miami Micro-Show

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We came. We saw. We YouTubed it.

Last night's Miami Micro-Show was basically the weekend's best deal. It cost $0.25 or nothing. (Roofless Records and the End were both pretty lax about collecting admission fees.) You had B.Y.O.B., communal barbecue, and 14 bands. So, really, there was no excuse for skipping out.

But if you were somehow too busy between 10:45 and 11:01 p.m. to participate in South Florida's first ever festival of the 60-second sonic sprint, just see the cut for roughly a quarter hour's worth of offensive noise, machine-assisted acappella, auto-tune, arty pranks, and pastry-related musical mishaps.

Band: Treesa

Set List: "Mysterious Voices"

Gear: Human voice, microphone, and reverb-delay pedal.

Band: Nag's Head

Set List: "Beltsand a Mic"

Gear: Belt sander, two mikes, pedals, and a homemade oscillator.

Band: Theda G. Redd

Set List: "Untitled"

Gear: Human voice, microphone, and reverb pedal.

Band: Xela Zaid

Set List: "Untitled"

Gear: FM radio, delay pedals, filters, and samplers.

Band: This Heart Electric

Set List: "Workout #1"

Gear: Cherry pie, can light, and Peavey Patriot guitar.

Band: Dim Past

Set List: "Untitled"

Gear: Guitar, microKorg, bass amp, guitar amp, and Big Muff, reverb, delay, and bass distortion pedal.

Band: Self & Other

Set List: "Stellar Recreation Area"

Gear: Violin, bass, and pedals.

Band: Chrome Dick

Set List: "Untitled (AKA Nothing Worked)"

Gear: Marshall JCM2000 TSL, MXR analog delay pedal, DR-660 drum machine, a borrowed mixer, and karaoke mike.

Band: Passion

Set List: "Wetback"

Gear: Microphone and Korg Kaoss Pad on vocoder setting.

Band: Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn

Set List: "Phoning It In"

Gear: Various electronics played via cellphone.

Band: Teepee

Set List: "Untitled"

Gear: Microphone, human mike stand, guitar, two amps, two cables, a power strip, pick, and six strings.

Band: Cherry Impact

Set List: "Does"

Gear: Microphone, guitar, amp, and Echo Chorus pedal.

Band: FUN

Set List: "Miami Micro-Show"

Gear: Two gas masks, speakers, and samplers.

Band: Rat Bastard

Set List: "60 Seconds"

Gear: Two amps and power.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.