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5 Reasons Not to Miss Best of the Best

Best of the Best weekend has finally arrived and there's lot's of reggae madness going on all over South Florida for the next 3 days. Here are five artists who are a part of the show that you definitely should not miss. buju460.jpg 1) Buju Banton. He's been a mainstay in the reggae world for a long time. Wherever he performs, the crowd goes crazy and he's probably got enough hits to rock a three hour concert all by himself. It's not sure if he'll close this year's Best of the Best but if you're a true-school reggae fan, Buju is definitely the main artist to watch. Here's a new track from Buju entitled "Cowboys" to feast on until Sunday.


2) Mavado

He's still the baddest man in the dancehall and can send reggae fans into a frenzy every time he touches the stage. Mavado hasn't really cooled off since he first blew up in 2006 and when he dives into his "gangsta for life" set at Best of the Best, every badman on the premises will probably go apeshit.


3) Etana

She's the only female artist slated to perform at the show but if there's one woman in reggae right now deserving of the slot, it's Etana. She lived in South Florida for a number of her growing up years and has been on the rise ever since her songs, "Roots" and "Wrong Address" started getting radio play. She's got an amazing voice, a strong spirit, and she's definitely not to be missed.


4) Walshy Fire

He's one of the best selectors in South Florida and has been gaining a lot of notoriety lately not just as a party DJ but also as a radio jock on Mixx 96.

Walshy just released a solid new mixtape for Memorial Weekend which is full of hot Southern bangers you'll want to listen to while cruising around Miami. Trust me on that. Here's a link to the mixtape. He's performing a few places around town this weekend so you can hit up his MySpace page for info on that. But he'll also be rocking the stage at Best of the Best which speaks for itself.

5) Super Cat

He's the original Don Dada, and if you've never seen Super Cat rocking a stage show live, you definitely need to see him this weekend. He doesn't perform much in the States and that alone is a reason to go see him. Based on respect alone, it's gonna be hard for any artist to go on stage after him and he'll most likely draw the biggest cheers of the night because reggae fans worldwide love his music.

This video is an 8 minute lyrical joust between Ninja Man and Super Cat. Definitely worth watching as both of these guys are pure characters.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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Jonathan Cunningham

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