2 Live Crew's Brother Marquis on New Album, Turn Me On, and Three Decades of Dirty Rap

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How about this one?

From "We Want Some Pussy!"

You see, me and my homies like to play this game

We call it Amtrak, but some call it the train

We all would line up in a single-file line

And take our turns at waxing girls' behinds

But every time it came to me, I was shit out of luck

Because I'd stick my dick in, and it would get stuck

The girls would say, "Stop!" I'd say, "I'm not!

That's enough, I quit, 'cause y'all are bustin' me out!"

I say, girls, don't hide it, just divide it

And please don't knock it until you've tried it

So to all of you bitches and all you hoes

Let's have group sex and do the Rambo!

Were you a writer on "We Want Some Pussy"?

I wrote that whole song. Luke came up with the hook, but I came up with the verse. We were on 36th Street and 17th Avenue by the radio station. You know, back then, we was young and crazy was gettin' a lot of pussy and shit, yo.

Was it all true?

Some of it's true, some of it's fiction. But one thing I do remember is the girls lined up just like that in a single-file line. Shit, back then was wild. I remember once we had three girls in the room and about five or six guys waitin' their turn in the hallway. And they was ready for whatever.

How about this one?

From "Hoochie Mama"

I don't know my reputation

But all the niggas in the hood say it's all good

But the bitch ain't shit, so you need to make a switch

Smackin' on ya lips with your hands on your hips

Triflin' slimy, don't try me

Playin' on the phone? You supposed to be grown

Bitch, stop lyin', I ain't with it

Keep runnin' ya mouth and Imma stick my dick in it

You wrote that "Hoochie Mama"?

I came up with that hook. I got that hook out in LA, where they used to call em' hoodrats and hoochie mamas. Then me and Mr. Mixx came down here and did it.

And then there's this classic dirty rap:

From "Fuck Shop"

Please come inside, make yourself at home

I want to fuck, cause my dick's on bone

You little whore behind closed doors

You would drink my cum and nothing more

Now spread your wings open for the flight

Let me fill you up with something milky and white

Cause I'm hopin' to slay you, rough and painful

You innocent bitch, don't be shameful

Bring out the ice cubes and the hot water

This is the second half, and not the second quarter

I'll fuck you 'till you sleep; you'll sleep like a baby

And in your dreams, you'll say I'm crazy

In the Fuck Shop!

Who was behind "Fuck Shop"?

Luke came up with that shit, they would go to SW 8th street and take the hoes to the rental hotel for an hour and they call that the Fuck Shop. I wrote all the verses. We would actually write them down back then and go in the booth with the paper.

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