2 Live Crew's Brother Marquis on New Album, Turn Me On, and Three Decades of Dirty Rap

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How old were you when you got into the 2 Live Crew?

When I got in, I was about 19 years old.

What's your favorite memory from a show?

My first show that I did for 2 Live Crew was at Miami Youth Fair in 1985. I remember a lot of girls screaming and they were very receptive to us. They loved us.

What's the craziest thing you ever saw happen on the stage?

One time in the Carolinas, we had some dancers and they stuck a dildo up this guy from the audience's ass. He was up in the front row, tryin' to look like a player with the little hat on, and they got him up there, stripped him naked, and stuck a dildo up his ass. I was laughin', but still tryin to sing the words. And everybody was laughing.

Haha. What other kind of stuff would the girls do?

It was a girl that she would put water inside of her and hold it there and then she would go to the front of the stage and spit it out of her pussy in the guys' faces and they would drink it all up. Thank god we never got in any trouble at that particular time. We would just laugh about it. They guys loved it.

What kind of stuff would go on backstage with the dancers?

The girls had their own dressing room. We kept it professional. I had my own shit goin' on. I never hardly messed around with none of the dancers. But they were wild in their own right.

Any funny stories from the girls you got with?

I remember, one time, this chick snuck up in my room. I went downstairs and took her car and was riding crazy in the parking lot, jumping curbs and all kind of shit. Goin' to the store, riding other groupies around in her car.

What do you think about the bass movement and how that sound has gone around the world?

I'm grateful and honored to be a pioneer as far as explicit lyrics, First Amendment rights, fighting censorship, and naked women on the stage. We were responsible for securing a lot of that freedom of speech for everybody.

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