10 Sheen

It might trip some people out to discover that there are some lucky individuals who have an uncanny ability to see sound. Whereas the rest of us must ingest massive amounts of acid to Technicolor our world, these people are born with a gene that produces kaleidoscopic visuals 24 hours a day. Synesthesia, as it is called, is a condition that 10 Sheen wants us all to experience. The Miami quintet has a futuristic Twenties look, coupled with a not-so-hardcore power pop sound. Though at times sounding like No Doubt meets Linkin Park, the band often diverges from that analogy by incorporating congas and danceable grooves. Every element of its show, from the stage to the clothes to the flyers, is meant to be synchronized with the music, much to the credit of super sexy lead vocalist Bleu.

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Kris Conesa