You Don’t Know Jack (About Miami History)

Mention South Florida and certain things come to mind. Like pre-Columbian architecture, the carvings of Everglades folk artist Rob Storter, and influential names like Tuttle, Flagler, Brickell, and Collins. Are you scratching your head? No? Then you’re just the type of history buff the Historical Museum of Southern Florida is looking for to compete in its fifth annual History Challenge today from 2 to 4 p.m.

Your encyclopedic knowledge of our South Floridian past will be put to the test, and if you’re worthy, you can win accolades and some very cool prizes in this two-hour game. Non-history buffs are welcome, too, so if you are new here and interested in learning about our region’s roots; a native just discovering that our past is every bit as colorful and fascinating as our present; or simply in the mood for an afternoon of fun and intellectual stimulation, take part as an audience member. Admission is free. Call 305-375-1621, or visit
Sun., Dec. 9, 2007
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