You Can Ride a Real, Functional, Candy-Coated Roller Coaster at Art Miami This Year

Miami could easily be described as a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. What with the drugs, the sex, the booze, the corruption -- need we go on? And the fact that we're all such depraved sinners makes the upcoming appearance of Peter Anton's Sugar & Gomorrah roller coaster installation particularly apt.

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Starting December 4 at Art Miami, riders in carts will dart, speed and wind their way through the sugary world of the heralded artist and sculptor. Known for his larger-than-life candy creations and obsession with sweets (chocolate in particular), Anton's work tends to strike a chord with that inner child we've all so deftly drowned out.

(And you thought it couldn't get any more absurdly awesome than a psychic dog the size of a building, a a David Lynch lounge re-creation and an alligator infestation. Ha!)

"I like working with sweets and candy because I like to connect with the inner honesty, that childlike state; the seduction and also the temptation. I like to provoke and surprise people with my work and I like to get the large, bigger than life pieces looking as real as possible," Anton says.

The Sugar & Gomorrah experience is described as follows: "Once inside, the ride will take the viewer through a destructing world of tumbling pillars and fire invoking a sense of doom and fear juxtaposed with a sweet magical world of desirable giant sweets as well as various temptations of the flesh."

Does this mean a 9 1/2 Weeks-style orgiastic meal is in order? We're so in.

The ride runs to the sounds of Lesley Gore's 1965 tune "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows."

"Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously in the art world, there's a sense of self-importance. I thought it would be great to loosen up and have some fun and be free and enjoy yourself and show people that it's ok to be a kid again and tap that part of your soul and your personality," Anton says.

Nicholas Korniloff, director and partner of Art Miami and CONTEXT, says the ride is one-of-a-kind. "Our organization is pleased to continue presenting unique exhibitions year after year. One of the fair's highlights this year is Peter Anton's Sugar & Gomorrah, which is the only art installation in the world where viewers can actually experience the artwork firsthand by taking a ride on it. This thrilling exhibition adds to an already impressive array of exhibitions we have in this 23rd edition of Art Miami and debut edition of CONTEXT Art Miami."

Anton says he couldn't imagine a more perfect place for the installation.

"I love Miami because it's an international city and during Basel it has a great vibe. It's like a free spirit in the air and it's relaxed and it's just great. It's a kind of feeling you don't get in other cities. And I thought it would be perfect for this ride. I can't think of any other cities where this would fit. I knew people would enjoy it better here and it would be well received and appreciated."

Looks like we're in for a sweet ride.

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