Yorke and Company

Radiohead is one of the most beloved bands of the past 20 years despite the fan schism created by the release of The King of Limbs. For purists, the album moved in the wrong direction: It continued the sonic experimentation of In Rainbows and Kid A instead of returning to the catchy pop-rock arrangements of The Bends and OK Computer. But even if you prefer tracks like “Karma Police” to “Feral,” who could argue with an album sure to make Thom Yorke writhe, jerk, and otherwise geek-dance? You might have gotten a taste of his dance-floor prowess with the video for “Lotus Flower,” in which Yorke boogies like he’s simultaneously on fire and on shrooms. And when the band kicks off its tour in Miami this spring, know that Yorke is just as frantically possessed in the flesh. Of course, the American Airlines Arena concert in February will hit budgets hard. So do the next best thing and give yourself a live taste of The Bends with I Don’t Belong Here: A Tribute to Radiohead at Churchill’s this Tuesday. Local musicians Lindsay Bell, Sharlyn Evertsz, John Karpis, Ian Michael, and DJ Dracula’s Daughter will cover the band’s best tracks and deep cuts. Here’s hoping one of them can ape Yorke’s sweet, sweet moves.
Tue., Nov. 22, 8 p.m., 2011
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Amanda McCorquodale