Write an Ode to Your Dog at O, Miami's Dogleggers Party in the Park

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Dogs are amazing. As our faith in humanity seems to diminish daily, our faith in canine-kind never wavers. Dogs are loyal, loving, obedient, hilarious — and they really know how to let loose and party. 

That's what makes O, Miami's Dogleggers: A Four-Legged Book Exchange event such an inspired idea. The party in the park is based on the usual Bookleggers model (trade your old books for new-to-you books), but adds the pooch factor.

Bookleggers' founder Nathaniel Sandler has worked with O, Miami frequently. This year, they wanted to do something new and different.

O, Miami's Operations Director Melody Santiago Cummings inspired the idea, given the fact that she's "very pleasantly obsessed with dogs," as Sandler puts it. He and O, Miami founder P. Scott Cunningham are also huge fans of the canine species.
"It's a good theme for us to be building both books and poetry around because people love their dogs. It's a good way to get people out and mingling based on just that reason," Sandler says.

If you don't have a dog to bring, don't fret, there'll be pups available for adoption on site, thanks to Jamie's Rescue. 

On the fashion front, attending dogs will get a poetry bandana. They come in different sizes and colors and feature charming lines of poetry applicable to pooches. Once your dog's all fancied up, he or she can take a turn on the red carpet and snap some shots in a photo booth.

They'll also have special ice cream treats for dogs on site — first come, first served.
"We’re trying to make it like a dog park on crack," laughs Sandler. "Then the books and poetry next to it to make it gel together; there’s a reason for everybody to be there."

Guests will also have the chance to pen a poem about their dog, or dogs in general. Because who deserves a poetic tribute more than man's best friend? 

Sandler's been setting aside dog-related books, so there'll also be a stockpile of those at the event. Again, first come, first served. For newbies, the Booklegger basic rules are as follows: everyone gets one book for free — they accept trades, a book for a book — and each extra book is $2. 

"There’s nothing better than a ton of dogs getting together and seeing what happens. It kind of adds spontaneity to something because you don’t really know what dogs are going to do," says Sandler.

Maybe now's the time to start thinking about your ode to Fido. You wouldn't want to disappoint your loyal companion, now would you?

The event runs from 1 to 5 p.m. on  Sunday, April 19, at Collins Park, 2100 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Admission is free.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.