Since 1984, ArtCenter/South Florida has championed the advancement of knowledge and practice in contemporary visual arts by fostering creative energy and providing South Florida with educational resources from its Lincoln Road headquarters. And for the past 12 of those 29 years, ArtCenter has raised funds to do such work though “winningArt,” an annual exhibit culminating in a raffle at the Richard Shack Gallery (800 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). “All of our resident artists donate a piece of art, and the way it works is that you can buy a $20 raffle ticket for a particular piece,” says artistic director Susan Caraballo. “Currently, we have 39 resident artists — it fluctuates from 38 and 42 resident artists because some artists come and go — but we have 41 artworks in the raffle this year.” Money raised will benefit three main areas of ArtCenter’s focus: residency, exhibitions, and education. Here’s what Caraballo had to say about each. Residency: “We’re in the middle of a strategic planning process. We’re anticipating a visiting artist program and we’re also anticipating a fellowship program, where we’re able to have at least one fellow, if not more, per year that is completely subsidized.” Exhibitions: “We just opened up a new space, Project 924. And we have our main gallery, the Richard Sheck Gallery. We’re looking at bigger projects in terms of exhibitions. We’re bringing in curators to work with some of our artists and alumni, as well as other artists in Miami and the U.S.” Education: “We have art studies, we have classes that are here on site and at a couple of satellite venues, including the Botanical Gardens and a space in Coconut Grove with Arts for Learning, and we also have a bunch of outreach programs.”
March 11-16, 2013
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Victor Gonzalez
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