Will Crystal Hair Extensions Replace the Feathering Trend?

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Marilyn Monroe wasn't lying when she sang that diamonds are a girl's best friend. When it comes to bling, Miami gals are all about the sparkle, the shimmer and the ice ice baby. Any chica that tells you otherwise is lying, and the latest hair trend to make it to the 305 is all the proof you need. Say hello to crystal hair extensions AKA hair bling.

Jessica Garcia, the owner of Dollface Extensions, is the first in Miami to layer the shiny stuff onto ladies locks. And from the looks of it, those omnipresent feather extensions might soon be going bye-bye. The 23-year-old Cuban American who moved to Miami three years ago by way of New Jersey is putting them on everyone from kids to thirty-somethings. 

"I got the idea to start doing them when a friend of mine in New Jersey

sent me a picture with them on. It looked like she was wearing diamonds

in her hair and it looked so glam," said Garcia. Aside from the crystal

hair extensions, the petite stylist also offers eyelash extensions (her

biggest seller) and plain Micro-Link hair extensions. "My friend,

Briella from Jerseylicious was the first person to show me how to apply

the lashes. After that, I was hooked. As for hair extensions, well,

that's just routine when you live in Jersey," said Garcia.

New Times: Why do you think hair crystal extensions is gonna be big in Miami?

Jessica Garcia: The

hair crystals are sexy and eye-catching. You can rock a strand full of

crystals, or play it down with two or three crystals.

How much does the hair bling cost?

$20 for two strands of crystals.

How long do crystal hair extensions last?

They'll last you about 2 weeks.

How do you care for them?

Easily. Just don't put hair conditioner

directly on the crystals because it will break the bond that is holding

the crystal to the strand of hair. Once you get out of the shower run

your blow dryer over the crystals for a minute and that's it.

How are they installed and how long does it take?

It takes less than a

minute to install. Here's how it works, I get your hair color and the

color of crystal you want. I put the crystals on a hair extension and

then I attach the extension to your own hair. They're applied like

normal hair extensions, with a Micro Link and hair extension pliers. Your hair must be flat ironed to install, but you can curl your hair after they are applied.

What colors do the crystal come in?

White Diamond, blue, pink, red, and purple. Our colors will expand within the next couple of weeks.

Where else is this trend big and are you the only one in Miami offering


Dollface Extensions is the first in Miami to offer hair crystals.

This is trending in New Jersey and in Ft. Lauderdale it's been floating

around a couple of salons up there.

What do you like about wearing hair crystals personally?

Well, right now

I'm wearing the white diamond crystals, I love that extra little shot

of sparkle it gives my finished look. I'm excited to see the beautiful

women of Miami strutting around with diamonds in their hair.

Find Dollface Extensions on Facebook or call 786-255-0094.

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