Why Watching True Blood's Fourth Season Was Like Watching Halloween Throw Up

We love HBO. Having said that, we're thrilled their summer series are finally over.

Aside from (spoiler alert) Tara being shot in True Blood, Michael J. Fox's guest appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Entourage altogether ending, we felt that Sundays' season finales were uncharacteristically weak. In fact, True Blood's entire fourth season pretty much sucked.

Time was, the series tackled relevant social issues like equal rights via quirky and clever allegories (read: God Hates Fangs, Coming Out of the Coffin). But for the fourth season, True Blood felt less like social commentary, and more like a miss-match of loose story lines and weak characters.

Marnie Stonebrook's witchcraft? Cheap. And Andy Belleflur's drug addiction, nothing more than a recycled, Jason Stackhouse plot line. The show dragged, seemingly stretching plots lines past their normal point of absurdity to fill up 58 minutes each week of Sunday prime time.

Oddly enough, the ratings don't reflect our shitty sentiment. True Blood's viewership managed to stay consistent, though the season finale's numbers dropped in comparison with previous years. Over six million people tuned into to watch Sunday's episode, and one Twitter fan summed it up perfectly.Saladin Patterson, a television writer who's contributed for the Bernie Mac Show and Frasier, and worked on the 2003 film, The Fighting Temptations tweeted:

I'm sorry, but watching #TrueBlood is like watching Halloween throw up.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

We agree, Patterson. Maybe it's time for a Sopranos-like 16-month hiatus to get the show back on track. Absence, we hear, makes the heart grow fonder, and even though it'll be a year before True Blood's fifth season premiers next summer, we'll need a hell of a lot more time to forget about season four.

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