Video: Jungle Island Debuts New Sloth Encounter in Time for Miami Attraction Month

If you've ever thought yourself to be lazy, science can practically guarantee that you'll never be as lazy as a sloth. Well, perhaps "lazy" isn't the right word, since sloths are better described as naturally "slow" animals. The soft, furry creatures sleep about 20 hours a day and hang upside down nearly their entire lives, only sitting right-side up to defecate and if they're randomly tasked with crossing the road. These endangered (and dangerously adorable) animals thrive in rainforest climates, but now, you can visit with one at Miami's Jungle Island. 

Part of Miami Attraction Month, Jungle Island has decided to debut a new sloth encounter that for a fee of $30 (in addition to the $26.95 park entrance) allows guests to feed and gently pet a sloth. New Times was invited to experience the attraction first hand. Check out the video and see how adorable Penelope the baby sloth is as she hangs upside down and sleepily stares at the camera. 

For more information on the sloths encounter and the various other attractions at Jungle Island, visit jungleisland.com.

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