Twelve Girls of Bikini Basketball: Miami Spice's Melissa "Mel" Caplan

If you love bikinis, basketball, or women who get into both, Christmas has come early for you this year. The Miami Spice Bikini Basketball team has chosen its roster, and we're serving up photos and interviews of 12 of its newly named members. Consider it our Christmas gift to you.

Melissa Caplan, AKA Mel, is a self-proclaimed "mommy's girl." She's also tatted, athletic, and mad hot.

Mel, as everyone calls her, grew up in the Magic City, attended Michael Crop Senior High School and graduated from Pensacola Junior College in 2007.

Competitive by nature, 5'9" Caplan will be heating up the basketball court as a shooting guard once bikini basketball season starts. "I have always been into sports my whole life because my mom put me in every sport you could think of since, like, the day I came out of the hospital."

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We have the feeling this baller will be making her presence known all over the court. "My biggest strength on the court is being all around athletic. I like to run the ball up the court quick and get quick points." We hear ya, Mel.

Does this wonder gal have any weaknesses? "Well, my attitude is that...I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength." Yeah, we didn't think so either.

As competitive as she is, Mel is really all about supporting her teammates. "My role is just to make sure I help my teammates throughout the season, because if we all put in the work, the results will come!" Atta girl!

Being a baller doesn't come easy, though. "I stay in shape by going to the gym almost every day...I don't want to be in practice one day and just pass out because I haven't been working out."

We look forward to watching Caplan and Miami Spice trample their opponents next year. Oh and Santa, if you happen to be reading, Mel has a message for you. "I would want Santa to give me more tattoos!"

The 12 Girls of Bikini Basketball, so far:
Tina Caccavale
Delilah Barefield
Mysha Love
Andrea Gomez
Melissa "Mel" Caplan

Catch Caplan and the rest of her team when Bikini Basketball games start in 2013. Follow the team on Twitter @SpiceMiami

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