Today's Best Basel Events

Ready for another Basel day post-mortem? We'll keep this quick as we have hangovers to nurse and art fairs to attend. The super secret The Island exhibit was either shut down by the city or they ran out of boats. We're trying to find out. Artist Ryan McGinness turned Club Madonna into an art venue. Tilda Swinton was at the Webster with Susan Sarandon. Isabella Rossellini petted human wolves at the Wolfsonian. Miami bands ANR and SumSun hummed, tweaked, and strummed as sea creatures hypnotically twitched in Coral Morphologic's aquatic projections. We also heard Steve Martin, Lady Gaga, and Kayne West held a naked bonfire behind the Art Deco Welcome Center, but alas, no twitpics to back that up. Follow us on Twitter for the latest Basel news, naked bonfires, and freebies.

1. Join the Street.Art.Cycles: Graffiti by Bike Tour  this morning at 11 a.m. We can't believe we're going to quote U2, but it's a beautiful day. Plus, graffiti might be the only authentic thing happening during Basel.

2. Pre-game for the larger art fairs by first stopping in on the Littlest Sister Fair at Spinello Gallery.

3. You have all day so hit up some of the major satellite fairs, particularly Pulse. Look for a horse-drawn hummer.

4. Attend the What Me Worry book party at the Standard and see their new

OHWOW book club, boobs floating in the pool, and art porn playing in

their guest room. Don't forget to take home a Tracey Emin towel.

5. Tonight will be an unofficial art walk in Wynwood as many of the galleries will be open and full. Stop by the David Castillo gallery, for a reception of a group show curated by the Knight Foudnation's Denis Scholl. The courtyard behind Castillo is always a good time.

6. Take a trip through Fountain Miami, and then stay for the New Times party with G. Love (yeah, really) and Shepard Fairey on the decks.

7. But really, all of Miami is headed to one place tonight, and that's Basel Castle. See art by the likes of Mike Giant and Greg Mike, and hear tunage by Amanda Black and Sweatheart, as well as so many more.

8. If you haven't already, this is your night to experience a pop-up nightclub -- that is, if you can get in. It's the second to last night of Le Baron at the Delano's Florida Room, a project of graffiti artist André Saraiva.

As most events are ongoing, check our top events for yesterday as well as our complete Art Basel event guide. Also, see our guide for where to score the best Basel chow.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.