This South Florida Man Turned His Truck Into a Banana, Of Course

You've heard of banana boats. You've seen banana hammocks. But have you checked out the Big Banana Car?

Steve Braithwaite of Pembroke Park turned his perfectly normal Ford F-150 pickup truck into a giant traveling banana, and he's taking it on a road trip to show it off. Why? Because turning it into a giant peanut was obviously out of the question.

"I was planning on building a huge peanut roadster only because it's the logo of a nut company in Michigan but I had a falling out with them over a rather unpleasant incident concerning two bags of peanuts," Braithwaite explains at his website.

The rogue banana truck has been making appearances around Miami; Reddit user Cochoz spotted it two days ago, and naturally assumed, "Only in Miami":

But Braithwaite's "Eccentricity on a Budget World Tour" has also taken him to Raleigh, NC, and Allentown, PA. He'll be headed as far as Texas later this year. Braithwaite and his brother Steve, who call themselves The Dirty Brothers for reasons we refuse to investigate, hope to take the vehicle around the world, and are working on a documentary about the project.

"I just wanted to do something completely ridiculous," Braithwaite told Raleigh's NBC 17.

Mission accomplished, bro.

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