Eric Andre Talks Performing in Miami and Preserving the Element of Surprise

Eric Andre
Eric Andre Courtesy photo
Satirical late-night TV host and standup comedian Eric Andre is set to stop in Miami this Friday, November 8, as part of his Legalize Everything Tour. The South Florida native has steadily built a cult following through Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show over the past near-decade, and he made sure to include a date in his hometown for his first-ever standup world tour.

“Miami was always on my mind,” Andre tells New Times. “I was born there. Rony Seikaly, baby!”

Andre’s name-dropping of the former Miami Heat player is one of many out-of-left-field tidbits that come up during New Times’ interview with the idiosyncratic comedian. Just speaking one-on-one with Andre, one can’t help but feel like a guest on The Eric Andre Show's fever dream deconstruction of all-American talk shows.

Despite the easygoing-nutjob demeanor Andre exudes, he's extremely prolific. This year has been particularly busy for him: In addition to touring behind his standup routine, Andre has lent his voice to high-profile animated projects such as Disney’s The Lion King and Season 2 of Disenchantment, from Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

However, Andre downplays his own agency and role in his success.

“[The Lion King] just fell on my lap,” Andre says of the 2019 blockbuster, which has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide. “I wasn’t masterminding some career move to be in The Lion King; I didn’t think Disney would want anything to do with me.”

Anyone who has seen even ten seconds of The Eric Andre Show probably understands his skepticism that the House of Mouse would ever want to work with him. After all, he’s best known for surreal stunts such as throwing himself a quinceañera that was crashed by Mexican luchadores and humiliating a naked production assistant in front of celebrity guests.
Although one would think Andre’s rising celebrity status might make it difficult to successfully prank unsuspecting people, he has yet to encounter that problem. While filming the upcoming fifth season of The Eric Andre Show, he learned that a good disguise could still fool the marks in his absurdist con games.

“It was hard but not impossible,” Andre says of shooting the show these days. “I gained weight, got rid of my body hair, used a tanning bed every day, I bleached my teeth. I did a bunch of things that made me look completely different but still human — more human than human, as Rob Zombie would say.”

Andre’s ability to subvert audience expectations makes it hard to believe his upcoming Miami show is simply standup, but he insists it is.

“It’s just standup,” he says of Friday's show at the Olympia Theater before casually adding his act will include “multimedia [and] a lot of images of the D.C. sniper throughout.”

Whatever Andre has in store for South Florida audiences, the show is sure to be an entertaining homecoming for the gleefully absurd, ranch-dressing-guzzling comedian.

“[Miami] is where I started [standup], so I’m doing it,” Andre says of the upcoming show. “I’m doing it, and no one can stop me.”

Eric Andre: Legalize Everything Tour. 8 p.m. Friday, November 8, at the Olympia Theater, 174 E. Flagler St., Miami; 305-374-2444; Tickets cost $35 to $65 via
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