The Ten Biggest Culture Stories of 2013

How much do you remember about 2013? Looking back, you likely remember the failed Obamacare rollout; the new Pope; the George Zimmerman trial; and the bombing of the Boston Marathon.

But what about the stories that made the biggest impact on New Times readers last year? Judging from the popularity of Cultist blog posts in 2013, you were just as interested in Florida's pervy habits, sports stars, and far-reaching memes as you were in the royal baby or Paula Deen.

Relive the year that was with our top ten most viewed Cultist stories of 2013.

10. Hialeah is the Bang With Friends User Capital of Florida

The app to help you get your sexy on with casual acquaintences has since changed its name, but we're guessing all of you out in Hialeah are still getting DOWN.

9. Florida Loves Creampie Porn

PornHub's research revealed that most of the country is made up of dirty, dirty pervs, and also taught this writer what "creampie" really means on the Internet. I'll never forgive you, PornHub.

8. Miami Heat Hater Forced to Dress in Drag

Was it a hoax? Who cares? This meme shows what all those Heat haters deserved when our hometown team won it all this year.

7. The Miami Dolphins

Between the team's encouraging 3-0 start, to the poor decisions of Jeff Ireland, to the worse decisions of Richie Incognito, Fins fans rode a rollercoaster of emotion in 2013.

6. The X-Rated Run

Sure, it's scheduled for all the way up near Daytona Beach. But that didn't stop you South Floridians from getting all hot and bothered over obstacles like the "Honey Tunnel" and the "Blue Balls Dash."

5. The New York Post Hates Cosplayers

When the Post wrote off all cosplayers as a bunch of obsessive weirdos, we stood up for the creative costumers -- and earned a whole bunch of geek cred in the process.

4. Prancercise

Before the pistachio commercial, the John Mayer video, and the slew of media coverage, you heard about Floridian Joanna Rohrback and her equine-inspired workout here at Cultist.

3. Art Basel

This year's annual arts fete was Miami's biggest yet. Whether you wanted to see the inside of the new PAMM, find out what was happening with our daily event guides, or simply laugh at the stereotypes on the streets, Basel blogs got you clicking in 2013.

2. Lil Wayne Hates on the Heat

Speaking of people we'd like to dress in drag and shame on the streets, Lil Wayne started major beef with Heat players in 2013. Luckily, Pepe Billete stepped up to put Weezy in his place.

1. Elian Gonzalez

Elian hasn't gotten any less controversial since he first made headlines in 2000. When he compared Fidel Castro to God in an interview this December, Tio Pepe spoke his mind. Whether you agreed with him or not, you read his essay, making 2013's Elian controversy the biggest of the year.

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