The Hottest Guys' and Girls' Fashions of Miami Beach Polo World Cup 2014

If you saw a bunch of horses on the beach this weekend, it wasn't the apocalypse, just the return of the always-fashionable Miami Beach Polo World Cup.

This year marked the 10-year anniversary of the prestigious event, pitting men and women against one another on the beautiful sands of South Beach in round-robin competition.

Glory is fought and won on the polo sands, but there's another kind of competition going on in the VIP tent. Because everyone around is so fabulous, there's a natural need to assert wardrobe dominance, and this year, we were digging the giant hats.

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Talk about the wind-blown look. This foxy gentleman is putting the rest of the party to shame with his dapper duds and killer mane, and his lady friend is bringing the look home with real casual chichness. We'd party on the beach with these two any day.

These boots were made for walking -- cat walking, that is. How have we never thought to wear glamorous cowboy boots on the beach before? She's got the sand trap beat, and she's unique from her head to her flashy toes.

YES! See what we mean about these wonderfully large hats? They keep you out of the sun while adding a splash of color and a metric ton of personality. The bigger the brim, the better, as we always say, and oh, do we love the netting on that blue flopper.

Well, isn't she just a ray of sunshine? Yellow is never mellow on the white sands of SoBe. This vixen must have turned heads when she walked through, and she certainly brightened up more than a few days. Though, we don't envy her walking in the dunes with those shoes.

Isn't she just the cutest little hippie you ever did see? Alright, calling her a hippie is probably a stretch. You don't see many flower children at a polo tournament, but we love her homage to the freakiest decade in history, and the denim shorts are a perfect pair.

Be still our hearts. These hunks could have walked around in nothing, and we'd still be impressed. Still, we're glad they put on these funky bathing bottoms. These loud and fun prints give us all the excuses to just keep staring. We swear we're not perverts.

Again with the amazing hats! This one isn't particularly large, but it does have a wonderfully vibrant bow on the top, and that is sometimes all you need for chapeau supremacy. Doesn't that color just light up her whole face?

The '90s are officially back, and apparently, your ripped-up jorts are the perfect workout attire. Either that or this bodacious babe is about to Hulk out. We definitely don't want to see her when she's angry, but we do want to see her at our next party.

Yowza! Do you think she digs leopard prints? We can't be too sure. This sure puts a funky twist on the classic black and white, and though it's surely loud, we applaud this woman's creative flair. Plus, you've got to be pretty bossy to get away with boots like that on the beach.

We're not sure what's hotter, the tatted car or the sexy lady sitting on it. Actually, it might be her killer shoes. They're the perfect pop of color to tie in that flirty dress. Of course, the whole look is even more tantalizing with the super sexy sports car.

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