The Five Most Dramatic Telenovelas Filmed in Miami

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Miami has been the fictional home of some of television's most iconic television shows: The Golden Girls, Crockett and Tubbs, and Dexter all lived in the Magic City. But if those are the only shows you can think of, then you're missing an entire genre of amazing television filmed in Miami: the telenovela.

Romance, action, and -- most importantly -- drama are central to the telenovela. "Over the top" is a good thing when it comes to novelas -- the bigger or the louder, the better. Admit it, the manufactured passion and intrigue are your secret guilty pleasure. You like it when she slaps him across the face! He deserved it! iClaro que si! Even if you don't speak the language, the telenovela's melodrama transcends language.

Aqui en Miami, our Latin flare is put to good use to spice up some drama on the small screen. Therefore, we felt the urge to compile a list of the five most dramatic novelas filmed in Miami (but, c'mon, aren't they all escandaloso?). And really, is there any place better suited to such over-the-top drama than our beautiful city?

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5. Cosita Linda (2013, Univision/Venevision)

There's this foxy, gray-haired older man who dates a much younger girl. He's all, "I promise imma leave her for you," and she's all, "Oh my god!" And then she randomly goes to jail for a bit, so we can assume that relationship broke off. Years later, while she's working as a makeup artist, she works the wedding of her ex-beau (the feels). Stuff happens and the pretty young thing ends up with the brother of her ex! Talk about an awkward love triangle. Cosita Linda was filmed at the Univision studios here in Miami.

4. El Capo 3 (2014, MundoFox)

The third season of this epic show was filmed all over the world, and our lucky little city was among the stomping grounds. The inspiration for the lead character in El Capo is the famed Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, who was known to be referred to as "El Patrón del Mar" in heyday. Naturally, it's only fitting to have a show about a drug lord come to Miami at one point in the series.

3. Dueños del Paraiso, (2015, Telemundo)

This Telemundo series aired for the first time earlier this month and follows a beautiful heroine who takes an unconventional route, she becomes a powerful drug lord in 1980s Miami. Did we mention novelas love the whole "drug" as a theme thing? The trailer alone shows the delicious drama viewers can expect throughout the season: money, murder, drugs, and plenty of vintage sex appeal. Dueños del Paraiso is filmed in both Miami and Chile.

2. Eva Luna, (2011, Univision/Venevision)

The plotline for this Medley-filmed series is quite complex: there's a housemaid named Eva, pero like, she gets mistreated by the jealous woman-of-the-house and then there's a fake death involved and eventually Eva runs away only to resurface a model named Luna and she's the heir to a bunch of money. It's head-spinning good. Best part of the trailer: when the girls are working out at the gym in full makeup, fresh curls in their hair, and giant hoop earrings. Because that is exactly how one should always exercise. Fun fact: it was once the number one show in Hungary.

1. La Viuda Negra, (2014, Univison)

The following phrase basically sums up the story perfectly: "Soy Griselda Blanco, la reina de la coca." La Viuda Negra tells the real-life story of the notorious Queen of Cocaine, Griselda Blanco, who controlled the trade in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. The show got plenty of criticism when it aired last year since it was portrays the life of a real woman who was notoriously toad-like, and yet, the Univision version of the tale featured a gorgeous actress playing the part.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.