Art Basel Miami Beach

The Black Factory, Rhinestone Deer, Giant 'No' on a Truck to be on Public Display Next Week

"The Black Factory," an art instillation of wheels, will be rolling into town next week. The brainchild of William L. Pope, the Factory invited people to bring objects that represent "blackness" to the truck. Many of the projects are then broken down and resold in the truck's gift shop. 

The Black Factory, and 12 other projects will be on public display next week in Miami Beach as part of Art Basel's Art Projects, which is being curated by Patrick Charpenel.

Other projects include Eduardo Abaroa's "Aierel Diary," in which free parasailing rides are offered, but the parachutes used must have the day of the week writen on the back, "as if one had to be reminded of the day of the week during vacation." Jeez, art with the wit of a Ziggy cartoon. 

Spanish artist Karmelo Bermejo will set off fireworks that spell out "Recession" on the beach at 21st Street on December 6 at 6 p.m. Santiago Sierra will have a giant sculpture of the word "NO" driving around town in the back of a flatbed truck. Marc Swanson will present "the largest rhinestone-based sculpture the artist has completed to date" of a deer.

For more information on the projects click here

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Kyle Munzenrieder